Cecilia Piehl, piccolo and flute specialist, received her BM degree from the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo in Mendoza, Argentina, followed by a two-year fellowship for piccolo specialization. She later earned the MM and DMA Degrees in Music from The University of Alabama. Her principal flute professors are Lars Nilsson and Sheryl Cohen. During her educational years, Cecilia performed in numerous master classes, including those given by Aurèle Nicolet, Felix Renggli, and Andras Andorjan. For her DMA Degree, she wrote an annotated bibliography of Argentinean Solo Flute Music, thus beginning her interest in promoting the flute music of South America. Piehl continues to devote her abilities to researching and performing flute and piccolo repertoire by Latin American composers.

Previously, Piehl held positions as piccoloist and assistant principal flutist with the Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Cuyo in Mendoza, piccoloist with the Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra in Alabama, and principal flute with the Ludwig Symphony Orchestra in Atlanta. She appeared as guest soloist with the National Symphony Orchestra of Niteroi (Brazil), National Symphony Orchestra (Chile), Orquesta Sinfonica Nacional de Cuyo (Argentina), Orquesta de Cámara (Ecuador), and Tulepo Symphony Orchestra (USA).

Piehl's teaching experience includes flute and piccolo faculty positions in four Argentinean cities, flute faculty in multiple summer camps (Argentina and USA). Currently she is part-time Studio Flute Professor and Chamber Music Instructor at Kennesaw State University. Being a member of a 3-generation music family, Cecilia's chamber music experience started in her early years and continues to the present, taking her to varied destinations in Argentina, Uruguay, Georgia (formerly of the USSR), Colombia, and USA. Noted for extensive performing with the Hamelin flute quartet, the Cuatro Flute Ensemble, Flautas Argentinas Flute Choir, and conducting the Pan Flute Quartet and Enclave Flute Quartet, she is in demand as a teaching and coaching specialist in Argentinean music.

Piehl performed at the 2013 NFA Flute Convention, where she also offered a tribute program to her Argentine/Swedish mentor Lars Nilsson. She presented her workshop on Circular Breathing, a topic that has captivated flutists for years, at the Mid-South Flute Festival, at the 25th Festival Internacional de Flautistas en el Centro del Mundo in Quito (Ecuador), and at the Centro de Arte in Chilecito (Argentina), June '14. Also in 2014, she was the guest artist at the II Seminario de Pedagogía e Intepretación de la Flauta Traversa, organized by the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Bogotá). She toured Argentina in December of the same year, with a program of Latin Solo Flute Music, where many of the pieces were world premieres. During 2015 she offered a tribute program to her American flute teacher, Sheryl Cohen (at the Mid-South Flute Festival held in the University of Alabama), followed by performances in Quito (Ecuador) and Atlanta (USA), and was guest artist of the III Seminario de Pedagogía e Intepretación de la Flauta Traversa (Colombia). During 2016 she was invited to the IV Seminario de Pedagogía e Intepretación de la Flauta Traversa, both in Colombia. During 2017 Cecilia returned to performed and premiered works for flute and percussion at the V Seminario de Pedagogía e Intepretación de la Flauta Traversa, and also presented a a tribute program to renowned Brazilian Flutist Celso Woltzenlogel. In 2018 she performed twice with orchestra in he home country, Argentina. Another tribute was presented last May, 2019, during the International Flute Festival in Perú, where she honored his founder and organizer, Cesar Vivanco.

Cecilia Piehl's album debut was released August 11, 2016 where she performs Shakespeare's Winks: three pieces for piccolo, by Juan Maria Solare.

Dr. Piehl is a member of the National Flute Association, the Atlanta Flute Club, she is part-time Studio Flute Professor and Chamber Music Instructor at Kennesaw State University, and has a private studio in the region.


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